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Mt. Khustup


Khustup (Armenian: Խուստուփ) is a mountain located in the southern Syunik Province of Armenia, to the south of Kapan city. Mount Khustup is one of the most beautiful, magical & unforgettable summits in the territory of Armenia. The bust of the Armenian legend, Garegin Njdeh is located about 300 meters below the Summit.
Be prepared for a 2-3 days hiking (food, water, stamina); take warm clothing as the weather might change all in a sudden.
Stay tuned! Stunning views are awaiting you! You will hardly be able to control your emotions!


Location: Syunik; Kapan
Distance from Yerevan: 7 hours
Start point: Baghaburj village
Duration: 2-3 days overall
Altitude: 3200 meters
Type: volcanic
Difficulty level: 5 (on 1-10 scale)
Dangerous passages: several passages
  Accompany of guide(s) is highly recommended!


Camping around the slopes & medows of Mt. Khustup.

Photo album:

Photo credit: Suren Khazarchian
Information provided by: Gor Ayzak Hovhannisyan